Contraception- The Implant

May 3, 2017 Contraception

Hello all! Last week we discussed the basics of birth control and most importantly the pill. This week we are still…

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Contraception- The Pill

April 26, 2017 Contraception, General Health

Hello everybody! Lately we have been going over the basics of women’s health. Contraception, other wise known as birth control, is…

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April 18, 2017 General Health

Hello Everyone! I hope you had a marvellous Easter weekend. A couple of weeks ago we discussed the very basics of…

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UV light and your health

April 10, 2017 General Health

Hello Everyone! I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend. For me this past Saturday was the start of the spring and…

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The placenta and your baby’s nutrients

April 4, 2017 General Health

Hello all! This week I wanted to post an article about a topic that may seem redundant but is actually very…

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Periods; what you need to know

March 28, 2017 General Health

Hello everyone! We wanted to start the week with a discussion about the menstrual cycle, more commonly known as your period….

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Weight Management and Cellulite

March 20, 2017 Weight Mangement

Hello all! We hope you are doing well. This week we wanted to continue our weight management theme by discussing cellulite….

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Weight Management and Artificial Sugars

March 7, 2017 Weight Mangement

Hi everyone! Last time we covered the very basics of thyroid disease and hormones. I hope to go into further detail…

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Weight Management and Thyroid disease

February 27, 2017 Weight Mangement

Hello everyone! Today we wanted to begin to discuss a topic that some of us might find interesting. There are many…

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First Blog- Annual Checkups

February 13, 2017 General Health

Welcome! My name is Erica and I am writing on behalf of Dr. Paschall’s Office. Today is the first of what we anticipate will be many letters discussing various elements of women’s health. In this article we wanted to focus on getting regular checkups. In future editions we plan on going further in-depth into some of these issues. Knowing the

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