Can Laser Procedures Be Done In The Summer?

May 19, 2018 Aesthetics

Traditionally patients shy away from any type of laser procedure in the summer, and with good reason. We know post procedure the skin is in the process of repairing itself.  Exposing fresh layers to the sun’s harmful rays would be a bad thing. This doesn’t mean you have to forego any and all laser resurfacing treatments during summer months. It just means that not everyone is a candidate.

Protecting skin from the sun’s harmful rays is a 365 day a year job! In summer months, the sun is closer allowing for more direct access and UV damage. So Don’t go outside. Just Kidding!  Go outside but take precaution.

Everyone’s lifestyle is unique. For patients who summer by the lake, or spend an excessive amount of time outdoors, re-surfacing / laser procedures might be best suited for the fall and winter months. However, for patients whose lifestyle doesn’t require hours in the sun, laser procedures performed in summer months are still a viable option.

If you are pursuing laser treatments during the summer months, you’ll need to be mindful about protection. Wear an oversized hat and sunglasses when outside, and of course lather on SPF. (50 or higher recommended). Do note: we feel sun protection is good for everyone, not just patients receiving aesthetic treatment as we know the sun is proven to age and damage skin.