Preparing For Baby

May 19, 2018 General Health

With more gadgets and devices available than ever before, knowing how to navigate the ever-growing “Baby Gear” market can be, well, overwhelming.  Which car seat is the safest?  Do I need a baby carrier? What about a bassinet? There are dozens of strollers to choose from, how will I decide? And what about bottles? Aren’t some better for gas than others?

Certainly becoming a mother requires a substantial amount of preparation and you’ll want to do your due diligence when it comes to choosing the right products for you new little one. Research is key, and it’s important to note that price doesn’t always dictate quality.  Pay close attention to reviews. You’ll benefit from the experience of others.

Don’t get overwhelmed.  You’ll figure out the car seat and which bottles to choose so try not to stress.  Here are a few sites and articles we think you’ll enjoy as you prepare for your new bundle of love.  From unique baby gifts you might like to receive, to preparing your nursery and comparing gear. Enjoy!

Gift Ideas:

Baby Gear:

The Nursery: