Why It’s Important To Be Open With Your Medical Provider

May 19, 2018 General Health

The body is an amazing thing. It changes, develops and adapts from youth through adulthood. Sometimes change can be scary and unsettling, especially when it’s related to female health. Often patients are embarrassed to discuss topics such as loss in sexual desire, vaginal dryness, increased pain, mood changes or changes in menstrual cycles.

While these changes are new to you, they are not likely surprising or new to your medical provider. As a specialist your physician is equipped to walk you through your body’s changes, answer questions and offer solutions. Too often women suffer in silence out of embarrassment or fear. A good provider is ready to listen to your concerns while providing you with the best possible solutions.

Full transparency allows your provider to care for you to the best of their ability. If change has occurred, even if it seems minor, share it with your provider. What may seem minor to you could give insight into a present or future health need. Also important to share at your visit are any changes in overall lifestyle habits. Perhaps you’ve increased weekly alcohol consumption or begun smoking. While these may not be top of mind, remember your provider is there to provide you with top notch medical care and lifestyle changes can and do play a role in your overall health.

Don’t go through change alone. Talk with your provider. Your body will thank you!